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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Star Metro did a review of this Taiping Thiam Kee restuarant on July 16, 2007.

THE Taiping Thiam Kee cafe and restaurant is now open in Subang Jaya.
It offers a range of mouth-watering dishes but noodles are the signature dishes.
The house speciality, Shredded Chicken Noodles (RM4.90), is delicious and comes with the restaurant's homemade sambal.
Another must-try dish is the homemade Saito Fish Balls.

Other popular dishes are Dry Curry Chicken Noodle, Saito Fishballs Noodle, Seafood Noodle, Steamed Chicken with Rice, Curry Chicken Rice and the Roti Bakar set which comprises toasted bread, fresh half-boiled eggs and coffee.
Food at Taiping Thiam Kee is cooked based on recipes provided by the owner's 70-year-old mother who still drops by the restaurant everyday to check on quality.
“My father introduced Shredded Chicken Noodles in 1955 because there were too many people selling Char Kuey Teow at the time. He passed on the business to us in 1987,” said the owner only known as Yang.
According to Yang, the restaurant uses kampung chicken for the soup. The chickens are cooked whole for 10 hours to derive the essence.
“We offer good food, made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients and served in a simple, friendly ambience at reasonable prices,” Yang said.
The restaurant also uses premium soy sauce made in Taiping.
Taiping Thiam Kee also offers its customers free WiFi access so they can surf the Net while enjoying some noodles or downing a mug of iced tea.
And I went there last Saturday night to try out foods there

We ordered their specialities. Taiping Thiam Kee Chicken Noodles Soup @ RM5.90.

Saito Fish Balls Noodles Soup @RM5,50
Bean Curd Skins @ RM4.20

I had the Steam Chicken with Rice @ RM6.50 which is not so delicious with the bones deboned and a bit salty. I will not take this dish again, Meng Kee White Chicken is still the best.

I tried the noodles soup and the beancurd skins. Nothing much to shout about but definitely much better than the rice. Go for the noodles if you are there.

Total bill: RM29.82 with GST for 3 paxs.

TAIPING THIAM KEE 39G, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor. (Tel: 03-5621 9199). Pork-free. Business Hrs: Daily, 8.30am to 10pm. Closed on Monday.

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