Old Town PJ is a place for Tong Sui/Fruits

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PJ Old town is a place where you can find mosts of the things you want like bank, pharmacies groceries, foods court, wet market etc. This is the place that I spend a lot time when I was studying at Goon Institution @ New Town. Those days, we have Sri Jaya Bus Omnibus providing transportation withing PJ and the famous mini bus system. I used to take the Sri Jaya bus from Paramount to State and Old Town.

After finished having our claypot rice dinner, we took a walk along the street and bought some fruits and tong sui(desserts back) home for supper.

This fruits stall sells all kinds of fruits.

And the Tong Sui stalls with many choices for your picking ready packed.

Ling Chee Kang @ RM2.00Gui Leng Goa @ RM3.50Bubur Cha cha @ RM1.50

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