Missed Cut for Final Round Saujana Club Championship

Saturday, September 01, 2007

After two days of golf (36holes-walking), I failed to make the cut for tomorrow final round.

On the 1st Day at the Bunga raya course, my teeoff time was 9am and it was a hot day and we finished at around 2.30pm. I started the 1st day game badly with my Hole No. 10 1st teeoff went into the water and my Hole no. 12 teeoff, the ball cannot be found. I played reasonably well after that but I had I disastrous hole at Hole no. 6 (Par 5) where I tee off hit the tree and landed on the next fairway followed by two more shots into the water and resulted costly 12 for a par 5.

On the 2nd Day at the Palm course, I played very well for the 1st 7 holes with 5 Pars but my game collapsed again at Hole no 8 when my second shot went OB and followed by lost ball with a 9 for a Par 4 hole. At Hole no. 9, I hit a very good drive but my second shot went Ob again, I played 7 for this Par 4 hole. This 2 holes kill my effort of the 1st 7holes. On the 2nd nine, I played just Ok.

The Cut for the Final Round is Gross Score 182.Check my Score!!! Shy to point out which one!!! Score so badly.

Being a 24 handicapper and a social golfer, inconsistency of our shot is my main problem. Walking 36holes is not easy, I really feel the strain especially on the 1st day under the hot sun.
Anyway, this is my 1st year participating in such an event. it is a good experience and I will be more well prepared next year.

My whole body is aching and feeling so tired. But when I started blogging, I dont feel it anymore. But later tonite after dinner, I will probably feeling too tired that I will have take an early rest.

That's how I spend my 1st 2 days of Merdeka holidays.

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