Mian Jiu Dirty Mee 麵久拉揸面 @ Lukut

Friday, April 21, 2017

 The dirty mee is one of special and recommended food in the Lukut. Mian Ju Restaurant  has been long established in this small town and has definitely become the home taste in the eyes of many Port Dickson's locals. They used be located a the main road and has since moved to a new corner shop lot.

All the reviews are framed up and hang on the wall for your reading in case you are new to their foods.
La zha meen means "dirty noodles" in Cantonese colloquialism but there is nothing dirty about these delicious noodles at all. People from far and wide travel to taste these "dirty noodles".

Many years ago, the grandmother 貴嫂 of the current owners started a noodle stall at the market place in Lukut. The noodle stall was located where 3 canals (large drains) met. The 3 canals were choked with rubbish and dirty stagnant water, making it the filthiest and smelliest place in the whole of Lukut at that time. The locals started to refer to the popular noodle stall as "dirty noodles" 拉揸面 and the name has remained ever since.
 We ordered the dried and soup version and fish ball/Ta foo/Pork soup. This the dry version which is serve a bowl of plain soup.
 This is the soup version.
 The fish balls/ tau foo & pork soup.
We had high expectation since it is so famous here but we were quite disappointed with the foods as it not tasty and not what has written by the many food reviews.
1, Pusat Perniagaan Lukut Utama, 71010 Port Dickson, NS
Tel : 012-3538307 / 012-9058663

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