Heng Kee Roasted Pork興記烧肉档店 @ Lukut

Saturday, April 22, 2017

We went on a 2 day/1 night food trip to Lukut & Pork Dickson. After googling for information on good foods and restaurant at this two towns before our trip, we found that Heng Kee Roasted Pork is highly recommended.

Heng Kee Roasted Pork  opened a new restaurant at a new shop lot. We arrived Lukut around lunch time, we decided to check it out. we ordered  roasted pork and rice to try since we had lunch earlier at  Mian Ju Dirty Mee. We were quite disappointed as  the quality and taste were not up to expectation.

 As you can see, the roasted pork  is quite plain.  I do not recommend that you eat at the the restaurant  but go to their stall at Lukut market to buy the fresh roasted pork.
Not satisfied, the next morning, we went to the Lukut Market to buy from the stall as we did not expect the standard at the restaurant is not good. 

 This is roasted pork that we ordered for takeaway @ RM12.00. We tasted it on the spot and was  very satisfied and it taste so much better than the one serve at the restaurant. This is what a famous charcoal roasted pork should taste like. Fresh and juicy with spices.

During the weekend, they will also have a van selling their roasted pork just in from of Lucky King Bun. We did not buy to try as we had already bought at the stall at the market. Its safer bet to buy from the market stall to avoid disappointment.

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