The "Snake" or Shingles has disrupted my Nyung Nay Retreat @ LDC on 15-17 Sept, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a time to be infected by the varicella zoster virus which cause chicken pox and shingles? I am scheduled to join the Nyung Nay retreat at LDC this weekend from 15-17 September, 2007 and I have to cancel my plan now as I am indisposed and shingles is contagious. Furthermore, it will take time to be completely heal.

I have just emailed LDC to inform them about my inability to join the retreat because of my present condition and I will join the next retreat. I look forward to this 1st retreat at LDC and this got to happened. What a disappointment?

It is damn boring and helpless staying at home in isolation to prevent any possible spread of the virus to my other family members.

How to pass my times? Blogging, reading ,eating porridge, drinking herbal tea ,watching DVD movies and off course sleeping. This shingles causes a lot of discomfort (Pain and itchiness).

I did MSN and speak to a few friends and some suggested that I go to see a Chinese Sinseh.
My condition is much better, less pain but more itchiness. My friend is trying to get me the contact and address of a Sinseh at Kg Subang as her sister recently also got the same sickness.

The last two days I have watched two movies. Luckily I bought 6 DVDs last week, looks like I am prepared for it as normally I do not buy DVD or watch movies. Both this movies are very good and I enjoyed watching it. One about God and the other about undercover agent.

The next few days more movies...Fantastic 4, Back Sheep and so on.....................

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