Pickpockets in China

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Holidays are such an enjoyable retreat away from work and stress. But the joy can be spoilt if you loose you important items like important documents, wallets, hand phone and especially your $$$ meant for shopping and spending.
Imagine you are in such a situation, you will probably feeling down and out that your holidays plan are all mess up.

Pickpockets are very everywhere especially in China where the human traffic flow is so heavy that you can be a target anytime and anywhere at those crowded shopping area, train stations etc. Your tour guide will probably be reminding you everyone now and then during the trip about the danger of pickpockets. It is best that you do not carry so much cash with you, keep important documents and extra cash in the safe.

Below are some pictures that show the pickpockets in actions. You may be the next victim!

Do be careful the next time you're in China...or anywhere else for that matter.

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