I-Phones is Expensive in Malaysia

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I understand that the price for an I-phone(8gb) is RM4k+ in Malaysia. Thats really expensive for a phone while I can buy a good PC with RM4K.

If I will to buy an i-Phone, I will buy it in a foreign country where the price is much cheaper. For example in Hong Kong, it is selling at HK$4380.00 (USd560.00) about RM2K which is 50% cheaper than the KL price. For those who want to unlock their iPhones is around USD50.

Why is it that the price in Malaysia is so much more expensive!!!!

Update 02 Oct 07: I was at Section 14 IT Mall this pm and I enquired about the i-phone at one of the shop. The price for 4gb is RM2,699 and 8gb : RM3699. The salesperson told me that he have 6 units unlocked left only. The new batch for other markets are protected and they cannot unlocked them anymore.Publish Post

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