Simple Breakfast

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Since I got the shingles, I have been on a simple diet food like porridge only since Monday after seeing the skin specialist. But before I know that it is shingles, I had chicken rice at Taiping Thiam Kee and also at the Saujana's Clubhouse which is not good without realising it.

My shingles conditions is getting better, the blisters is slowly subsiding but the read patches are still there and it is really painful during healing. I had better sleep yesterday (5hours) but find it hard to fall asleep. I wanted to sleep at 8pm and wake up for the 2.30am football match between England and Russia but I only managed to sleep only at 1am and woke up at 6am missing the live game. The live game is not important but health is our highest importance.

Since I woke up so early, I left my house at 7am to beat the morning traffic out of SJ to my office to sign some documents. After that, I head to this corner Restaurant ThaiNyonya or New Yew Sang) at Kelana Jaya for my favorite bowl of Loh See Fun. This restaurant also has the Ipoh Steam Rice, Curry Fish Head Noodles and many others.

The pictures are not so sharp and clear as I took them using my Nokia N76 2mp camera phone.

Remember this stall, I am his regular customer so when I go there, I do not have to order and he will know what I want .This is my favorite at this restuarant. The Loh See Fun or "Rat Tail" Noodles & soup taste just right.
Just recovering and I am looking for food already but I think this dish is "Cheng" and suitable.

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