Restoran Yau Kee (Roti Ayam) @ Kampar

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I writing up another short post on food first before I continued with Sg Klah Hot Springs. As I am always looking to try out nice foods at all the town that I drive past, I make another stop to buy some of the famous Roti Ayam (Curry or Herbal) to take up to Cameron Highlands for supper. I bought the small Curry Roti Ayam which costs RM24.00. The big one is RM42.00.

This pictures were taken when we opened up the box and take this roti ayam for supper. It is yummy, the stuffing inside is curry chicken taste nice. It is quite a big piece even though it is small size and the curry chicken stuff inside is also quite a generous portion. All seven of us cannot even finish it.
Map Source: Rasa Rasa Malaysia

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