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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

While on the way back from Cameron Highlands heading to KL, the fuel indicator lighted up and I suddenly realised that I am short of fuel. I drove to Bidor for lunch but there was quite a long jam entering into the Bidor main street. So I just had lunch there and continued my journey using the North-Soth Highway hoping to stop at the next rest area. Unfortunately, there was none till Behrang and I get worried that my car will be out of fuel, I turned into Behrang but this small town also have no petrol station. I asked someone there and he told me that the nearest is at Tg. Malim.

Just before reaching Tg. Malim town, there was a Petronas Station there and I drove in to get my car fuel up even though I normally used Shell.

After fueling up, I drove on and at the traffic lights, I noticed this shop at the corner with a very attractive tagline "The Famous Tanjong Malim Pau". So, I decided to buy some to try and some for the tea party with Lama Zopa. The pau is not bad when you eat them fresh from the steamer. I understand that this shop is also famous for its Hainan Tea and 3 in 1 Instant Tea Mix. There even have a website:

The Pau Kaya and Pau Kacang selling @ RM1.00 each and the Pau Chicken and Pau Daging @ RM1.50 each.

At that time around 2pm, the place was quite packed. Next time I will stop by here to rest instead of the PLUS highway rest area.

Latest Update: June 23, 2007
Rasa Rasa Blog latest post that Yik Mun have got an outlet at Hartamas Shopping Centre, KL
To read more, visit Rasa Rasa.

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