Time Wasted

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today, I sent my car to V-Kool Main Office for some warranty defect claim as my V-Kool tinted film at my front windscreen have got some wrinkle.

I went to V-Kool on Monday after finding out that the warranty will expires on August 24, 2007.The warranty from V-Kool is 5 years. They fixed for me the appointment today at 10.00am.

If the warranty has lapsed, the cost would have been easily RM800.00 for just the front windscreen. I must as well get it re-tinted asap.

Thinking that it will be an hour job but it ended up 3 hours. I got to wait there like a fool. I called up my friend to come to take me to Fish Head Noodles Soup at Paramount Garden O & S Restaurant to kill some time and walked across the V-Kool office to look at some furniture at HomeLife.

This kind of job can be a real waste of time. Time is money! No-Wifi at their customer service area. I cannot do work on my lap top and therefore read all the newspapers (Chinese and English) provided there.

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