Restoran Damansara Hokkien Mee @ Damansara Utama

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I like to eat and try out new places whether I read it in the papers, blogs, magazines, word of mouth etc or see it on TV. I have been passing by this restaurant whenever I am around Damansara Utama or Uptown. I like to eat Hokkien Mee and their big signboard have got "Hokkien Mee" as their main branding so I guess this shop must be famous for its hokkien mee.

On Monday, I invited my friend for dinner and I actually wanted to eat the famous claypot rice at Damansara Jaya but is was closed. So, I told my friend we go try a new place at DU. Thats how we landed here.

This place have got a nice menu showing all their recommended noodles fried in many styles (Hokkien, Cantonese etc). Normally you wont get such menu at other Hokkien mee shop.

We ordered Hokkien Mee (RM5.00) and Cantonese friend kuey teow(RM5.00).Both are very good and yummy. We finished those two plates very quickly. And it started to rain quite heavily. So we sat down to enjoy the Chinese tea.
While we were enjoying of foods, we observed quite a lot of people stop their cars, MPVs etc to buy this Guangzhao Roast Duck and many people eating in also order it. It must be good!
I asked the duck seller what is the minimum order and he said RM9.00 and I said ok just to try.
To my suprise, this duck taste really good with its unique freshly roasted taste (with a little herbal). Loong Foong or Sunrise Roast Duck are good with their own style and taste, this one is as good. If you are looking for food at DU area, go try it. This place is open for business for dinner only.

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