Sun Jar - rechargeable solar lamp

Sunday, June 17, 2007

There are many solar lamps in the market. First came the Glow Brick; then came the Everlasting Torch; but how about this for unique and innovative concepts!I came across this solar lamp called Sun Jar which I find unique and useful which costs £19.95 in UK.

solarjar_1.jpg solarjarkid_1.jpg

The Sun Jar is a tasty mix of modern inside and retro farm-style outside. This lamp has been designed to collect and store sunshine for use at night. A highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panel collects energy from the sun’s rays, storing it during the day in a single rechargeable cell, to power the Sun Jar at night. The traditional Mason jar is waterproof and suitable for use outdoors, making a great alternative to candles or plug-in lights.

Each lamp contains a solar cell, a rechargeable battery and three low energy LED lamps. Instead of a switch, the Sun jar contains a clever light sensor that automatically activates the lights when it gets dark or surrounding lights are turned out!

A perfect garden light or night light for your bedroom, bathroom or hallway.

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