Kick Me if U like and Send me as far as you can.

Monday, June 04, 2007

You kick it Or rather, you kick me. Come on, I know I’ve pissed some people off before or you do not like me, so here’s your chance to get in line and give me a kick in the arse! Come on , don’t want to pass this opportunity up! For limited time only. Have some fun kicking me!

How far did you kick me? Tell me you score, how many meters?! This is the first time I could actually kick myself! Right now the best score is 56,024 meters which is my score. Who can beat me?! Huh?

Hmmm..I may reward you with a Gold Medal if you set a world record.

03 June 2006
AceOne118 - 22,130 meters
FL Sam - 56,034 meters

Aaronlkt - 66,995 meters
Tim - 67,553 meters
FL Sam - 101,921 meters
FL Sam - 103,639 meters
Tim - 107,077 metres
Tim - 108,255 metres ( Current record)

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