What a Fright on Father Day!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

eThis morning I took my wife for blood test as required by an insurance company at BP Lab. Subang Jaya. While the nurse was drawing 2 tubes of blood, my son was watching it.

After the everything is done, we were paying the bill of RM60.00 by Mastercard and the reception was processing the payment. My son phone rang and he picked up the call from his friend. He was chatting happily standing beside me.

All of sudden, I feel him leaning against me and I though he was playing the fool with me. I therefore move away a bit, he fell straight on to the floor . I shouted "What happened to you", "You talked on the phone until blur blur". But no answer.

This is the spot where he fell.
I felt something was not right and quickly grab him up but his body weight was heavy and I cannot even drag him to the nearest chair. I let him lye down on the floor holding him and the nurse call for the doctor but he was doing ultrasound scan on a patient. I can see that his face turn whitish and I feel very worried. I asked him some question and he didn't response. It was only after a short rest that he start to recovered and answered me. After few minutes, he finally can stand up and reat at the waiting chair. The nurse got him a cup of hot Milo and he finally recovered and behave normally.

What happened was that he fainted after seeing the blood and just gone Blank. This was not the 1st time, the last time was at my sister in law place in Penang few years ago. Some people cannot see Blood and will just faint seeing it. My son is one of them. What a Fright he gave me on Father Day!!

Thanks God, he is okay and nothing serious except for minor bruises. Look at him having the cup of Milo after the incident.

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