Free PDA+GSM Palm. Is this for real or Spam???

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I got this through an email about this promotion on Free PDA+GSM which I find it hard to believe. By just resending this email, you will get free PDA and the model depend on the number of emails you resend. Where got so big frog jumping on the street!!!! The is Spammming and cannot be real. Anyone out there, got a PDA through this promotion.

Dear Friends,

Here is to announce that our company Palm, Inc., headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California US opens our marketing office in Kuala Lumpur for Asia region. We are promoting our product and for the detail you can visit:
For first launching of our product in Malaysia, we will give away for free the new product of PDA+GSM Palm Type Treo 650 and Treo 680 and Treo 750.
By giving the product of PDA+GSM , we will get valuable feed back from the customers and get the mouth to mouth advertising.
You only have to forward to 15 people. After 2 weeks you will receive a PDA+GSM Palm Type Treo 650. If you forward to 25 people, you will receive a PDA+GSM Handspring Type Treo 680. And if you forward to 40 people you will get a PDA+GSM Palm Type Treo 750.
The only thing to remember is to send cc (copy) to:
Only by sending email to this address, we know you have forwarded this massage to your friends.

Good Luck!!
Louise Jasmine
Executive Promotion
Kuala Lumpur Office
Palm, Inc.

Private :


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