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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Malay Mail today frontpage again the story about a woman resembling a local award-winning actress famous for her Pan Asian looks French-kissing a man had been widely circulated via e-mail. Last week, they also carried a second report on this incident.

It look like the Malay Mail has no other better news to be featured in the front page. It is either Spy Camera, Peeping Tom, Kissing etc. Malay Mail has lost a lot of readership and this may be their strategy to sell their paper. It is now more like a gossip newspaper like the Life Post. I used to buy Malay Mail but stop long time ago. I read this on the Malay Mail Online.

The Malaysian Muslim-Indian Congress and Karyawan has demanded the actress to apologise and own up.

It is a pity that just because she is an actress that this small matter has been make out to be such a big issue. My personal opinion is that there are many more better news to be feature for the Malaysian public like daily issues that affect the people. Flood, Scam, environment, healthy living, unfair price increase, increase theft, car jacking, public security etc etc

In the past Malay Mail used to carry very good reports on special investigation on those taxi drivers who overcharged, illegal squatters, illegal dumping, river pollutions and so on.

Where are those report that the reporter posed as customer to unravel and expose those special stories?

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