Broga Famous Rock Temple

Sunday, June 10, 2007

While visiting my sister @ Seminyih tody, she mentioned to me that the Broga Rock temple attract a lot people from local to as far as Singapore there to seek divine help and intervention to their life's. Many people strike lottery after visiting this temple after asking for 4D number from the Rock Datuk located inside a rock. So I decided why not go there and have a look since I have never been to this small town which was famous for the controversial site for the incinerator project.

Broga village which is about 8km from Semenyih Town is situated in a valley surrounded by a range of hills on the left and right. To go there just take the trunk road to Seremban from Kajang, go past the Semenyih Police Station and just after the Petronas Petrol Station there is a traffic light, turn left go through a winding stretch of road. Along the way you will pass a sanctuary for the orphan and the aged managed by the Desa Amal Jireh Group (Jireh Charity Village) After that Taman Tasik Semenyih (residential housing area), you will come to Nottingham University Campus belowand next pass by Rabbit Fun land below on the left hand side and you will than reach the small little town. After the town, you will pass by a few seafood restaurants. Finally, you will reach a dead end where the temple is located.

Indeed, it is true that this place is very popular with many cars park in front of the temple and many visitors making offerings and some just walking around the temple complex enjoying the views and many statues of Chinese Zodiacs, Sun Wukong, local fruits, elephants etc. etc At the bottom is the KuanYin temple and further up on the left hand site is the Rock Datuk.

Below are some pictures of the temple.

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