Free Gift From Maybank

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today, I received this letter from Maybank with an Ogawa logo. I thought I won some Lucky Draw. Soooooooo Happy.

After opening it, there is a Zodiac Discovery Card which have a write up of each of the Zodiac Sign. For my Zodiac Sign which is Gemini, there is a more details one attached.

According to the write up, Gemini - The Twins are enigmatic and diverse. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth and tend to have the graces of young. Like children, they are lively, happy and imaginative. They take up new activities enthusiastically. Often attracting and charming others to follow suit.

In short, Gemini is adaptable and versatile. Communicative and witty. Intellectual and eloquent. Youthful and lively.

That is me according to my Zodiac. Do I have any semblance of it. Well, I would say it is 80% correct in describing my character.
There is also an invitation card for me to collect this free gift from Ogawa which I collected from Ogawa/Subang Parade after dinner at Pizza Hut. What is this little stuff.? Kenny Ng has received one some week back and he has blog about it. This small little pillow is called Healthy Zouidgie and it come with a mini massager using AA battery. You put the massager inside the mini pillow and can do wonders like promotes blood circulation, restores freshness, reduces fatigue, calms stress, soothes aches and adds excitement(what excitement!). This small mini massage pillow can do so much why we need the massage chair which costs thousands.

Thank you to Maybank for giving out free gift every now and then.

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