SS 20 Fish Head Noodle @ Damansara Kim

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The afternoon, I visited this famous fish head noodles located in a obscure area within Damsansara Kim area. It is actually located at Medan Selera MPBJ in front of the row of shops. Few bloggers has blooged about it and most recently by KampungboyCitygal.

From the outside, it looks like a simple hut but the place is clean and tidy with ample tables during lunch. Service is good as the waitress bring us the menu real quick to take our orders.
The place is quite cooling even during the hot day as the few big tress shaded the direct heat away from the sun.
My lunch partner, Ricky and this is one section of the shop.The menu is very complete with all their fish noodles, side orders, drinks and prices printed on it. Their signature one are "Soong" Fish head Noodles, Hauran Fish Head Noodles and Fish Paste Noddles with Mee Hoon or Lai Fun.And you have the options to:After taking your order, this is the order chit with your orders for payment later.
My friend ordered the Fried "Soong"Fish Head with Mee Hoon which is cooked with the usual ingredient such as preserved vegetable, tomato, ginger, spring onion in evaporated milk infused broth. The soup taste really nice but quite mild and less fragrance possibly due to less cooking wine.RM6.50/bowl.
Close up view of the ingredients.I ordered Fish Paste with Meehoon which is cooked in the same style. The only different is that the fish pastea are freshly made. RM7.00/bowl.
So delicious. I am sure you drool just looking at it. My herbal tea served in a cute cup instead of normal glass cup. RM1.80.I spoke to the boss while paying for the bill. He is very friendly and he explained that every bowl of noodles are cooked and served with the almost the same quantity of noodles and ingredients.
They do have quality control as they weigh the noodles and keep them in a plastic container so that every bowl will contains the same amount of noodles. If they use the traditional hand method without weighing, it will not be that accurate.

SS20 Fish Head Noodle @ Medan Selera MBPJ Damansara Kim
Location: Gerai 20, SS20/10 Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm
PH and Sunday 10am to 3pm

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