Food Prices Keep Rising!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Malaysian bread makers have raised prices by between 10 and 25 percent following a sharp rise in flour costs adding to inflationary pressures fuelled by record-high oil prices.

The country's top bread maker Gardenia on Thursday raised prices by between 10.5 percent and 11.5 percent for its 400 gram and 600 gram bread respectively. Another major bread maker, Silver Bird Group , has raised prices by up to 25 percent.

This morning, I bought some normal stuffs for breakfast and it looks like not just bread has increased but other normal breakfast foods have also gone up.

Gardenia Bread: Up from RM1.90 to RM2.10
Man Tau and Red Bean Pau: RM1.00 to RM1.10
Chee Cheong Fun: RM2.00 to RM2.30
The cost of basic items such as chicken, eggs, flour and condensed milk have all risen by up to 50 percent thanks to a price creep which began last year and has spiked in recent weeks. Why???The lower income group earners will have to struggle with another increase and more increase is expected with the toll price and petrol prices hike gain next year.

Be prepared for inflation and higher costs of living. Spend only when necessary and be thrifty.

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