Restoran Azira Beriyani @ Section 10, Shah Alam

Friday, November 16, 2007

After finishing my jobs at SSM, it was lunch time and we proceed to this Beriyani Rice shop located near to SAAS Mosque which my friend brought me here some years ago. It is quite popular with Shah Alam folks and regular customers. It is just a simple restaurant hidden within the housing area. The decor is simple.What is unique is that it is buffet style and you select the foods . Their signature dishes are Nasia Beriyani, Laksa Johor and mee rebus. Mee Rebus corner Fresh grilled fish too. Ayam Merah Ayam Kurma Grilled Fish @ 2.00 each This sauce to go with the grilled fish is really nice. Nasi Beriyani with Ayam Merah @ RM6.50 Nasi beriyani with Ayam Kurma @ RM6.50 Papadum Fresh Starfruit Jiuce and Air BandungOverall, the foods are quite good except that the Ayam Merah meat is quite hard. The Grilled fish is not so good but the sauce is delicious. All in RM21.60.

I still prefer the JM Beriyani House at SS 18.
Restoran Azira Beriyani
No. 11, Jalan Cheongsam 10/11
Section 10,
40000 Shah Alam Selangor

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