Best Friend admitted to ICU, SJMC

Monday, November 05, 2007

This afternoon, I got a call asking about me whether I knew that my one of best friends of 25years was admitted into hospital. While I was at SS 15 at around 5pm, I got another call informing me that he is about to be admitted into SJMC. Since, it just a short drive away, I drove to SJMC Outpatient New Wing and checked with the pre-admission section where he was warded.

After checking though the computer system, this nurse told me that he was admitted through Emergency Section which is at the Old Wing and the ICU Ward No. XXX/7. I walked to the old wing using the overhead bridge and took a lift to 6th floor but upon checking with the nurse there, he was still at the emergency ward which is at the ground floor. So, I got down to ground floor and found him lying on the hospital bed been wheeled to the X-ray room for a-ray. He was still alert and can still talk to me. His wife was there with him.

After taking X-rays and some other tests, he was finally been wheeled to the 6th Floor Intensive Care Unit(ICU) as seen below.

What happened to him? He fainted while golfing on Sunday and was admitted at the government hospital at Kuala Kubu Bahru. Today, his employer arranged for him to be transfer to SJMC.

According to the cardiologist, he has got a mild stroke and that this is the second time. The last one should be about 2 months ago. The hospital will do an angiogram tonight and most probably an operation will follow to stop the bleeding from the blood vein that bleed inside his head next morning.

What is an Angiogram?: An angiogram is an x-ray exam that allows a doctor to see your blood vessels and the flow of blood to your heart. It shows the degree of blockage in your arteries, how well your heart is pumping and whether or not your heart valves open and close properly.

During an angiogram procedure, a special dye is injected into the blood vessels so that they can be seen on x-ray film. An angiogram can help your doctor make a proper diagnosis and suggest treatment for heart disease.
The costs for the operation is estimated to be RM50k-100k. Luckily, he got medical coverage from his employer.

It is a very delicate and risky operation, I pray that he will have a successful operation and a speedy recovery.

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