Lunch @ Raju Curry House, Jalan Chantek PJ

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

After my visit to EPF @ Jalan Gasing, my colleague and I went to this famous Raju Curry House for lunch. Both of has not eaten banana leaf rice for quite sometime and therefore hop in nearby for one of the best in PJ. I forgot to bring my cam so no picture to publish. The above picture I took it from backstreet gluttons site(thanks).

Raju's, Jln Chantek, PJ ( Sri Paandi's next door nemesis ) is located at a big corner lot with a lot big trees to provide a good shade from the sun and a good ambience for eating banana leaf rice. The crowd there is unbelievable crowd wth continuous flow of customers.

We ordered two sets of banana leaf rice(RM4.50/ea), 2 ikann bulus(RM10.00), 1 tenggeri fish(RM4.50), 1 fried chicken(RM4.50), 1 ice lemon tea(RM1.50) and 1 air bandung(RM1.40)

The bitter sweet fish and chicken curries are just nice and tasty. The on the spot fried succulent fish are almost to perfection. But the chicken which is cook using the pressure cooker is not so good as it is very dry and hard. I would prefer it to be deep fired in oil.

This place customer service is one of the best as the number of waiters there is plenty and when you have ordered you foods, some waiter will bring some mutton, fish cakes etc and offer to you.
Don't fall for it as it is very tempting unless you have order very little of you main dish.

Banana leaf affiair is not cheap. The bill came up to around RM32.00 for 2 pax.

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