War on Ah Long

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just 2 days ago I posted about the Ah Long Vs The police comparison chart. The Star today reported about the Ah Long scourge on its front page. What a coincidence? It is time to take some tough actions against Ah Long as there have been causing so much problems to the society. The government alone will not be able to get rid of Ah Long. Therefore, the minister called on the public to help provide information to the police.

Even providing the telephone numbers to the Police, they find it hard to trace the Ah Longs as they use prepaid phone number with phantom owners name.

It is so hard to get bank loan for hawkers and traders if they do not report their income to Income Tax and will not pass the stringent credit check by financial institution. The only way for them is to turn to Ah Long which give out loan on the spot.

When you have financial problems and no one wiling to help, you will not be able to think properly and that is where you land up with Ah Long.

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