IKEA Refund Policy

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recently I bought some lighting from IKEA but it was later found that it is not suitable for my home decor. Well, I thought that I gonna placed them in the storeroom and it will be going to be waste.

After checking back portion of the receipt, they is a REFUND policy stated that the products can be returned or exchange within 30 days from date of purchase.

But to qualify for the REFUND or EXCHANGE, you must bring back the unassembled product with original packaging and your receipt.

But this does not apply to:
*Cut fabrics, blinds, be linen, unwrapped mattresses, plants and bulbs.
*products damaged after leaving the store except due to manufacturing faults.
* items on Sale and from AS-IS.

And I dropped by at IKEA yesterday pm to return the products. You will need to go to the Customer Service/Refund counter and get a Q number. You just produce your receipt and the products. The counter staff asked for my Name and contact number. She then asked me whether I want a Cash Voucher or Credit Card Refund. I asked for the Cash Voucher.

No further questions asked and she generated the Cash Voucher which is valid for 3 months.

But if you are an IKEA Friends Member, you can return or exchange within 60days instead of the normal 30days.

IKEA is really a success story and such policy is really consumer friendly and I do not think that the normal retailers will agreed to a refund after purchase.

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