Restoran Kee Heong BKT @ Ngee Ann Garden, Klang

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Having some warehouse inspection @ Kapar Area and the bosses there took us to this BKT restaurant at Klang. Since they are from Klang, this place must be good for them to buy us lunch here. There serve by individual bowl or claypot. We prefer the typical Klang style in small bowl with a piece of pork rib.

The soup was very thick and taste good. It has been awahile that I have not eaten BKT as I try not to take too much pork. But this place the BKT taste and quality is very much the famous Klang style BKT. I finished off everything.

It was lunch time and the place was quite full with lunch time crowd. They told us that there are some better one which open during the morning.

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