Restuarant Famous Seremban Favourites Part II

Monday, May 14, 2007

I talked about the delicious Char Siew at my office and my friends start craving for it. So I took them there for lunch. Wow. I am going back to eat the Char Siew again and this time I ordered something else to try too, the Yau Yee Mee Fun & Fish Balls.

This is the shop front where you can see their Famous Char Siew on display.We ordered a medium size Char Siew but not enough for 3 of us and we got to add another small plate.Yau Yee(友谊) Mee Fun. This is 1st time I heard of this dish so I give it a try. The boss there said it is like Cantonese fried styled noodles with soup. I like it. the mee hoon has been fried so it it crispy and the soup taste ok.This fishballs are delicious and bouncy. We ordered 10 pcs and we add another 6pcs.

Well we finished every piece of it. All my friend feel very satisfied and overeat.

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