Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites @ SunwayMas, PJ

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Looking for some nice simple food again. This time at SunwayMas, I found this restaurant, the name speak for itself Famous Seremban Favourites. So there must be some famous foods here and the restaurant was quite full when we arrived at 1.15pm.
All their Famous Seremban Special are listed on the signboard. There are Hakka Mee, Loh See Fun, Yau Yee Mei Fun, Wan Tan Mee, Mei Fun/Kway Teow with Fish Ball/Meatballs, Sui Kau, Chicken, Roast Pork and Char Siew. In front of the shop, there was a cardboard sign saying that KL Famous Char Siew is available here and I noticed that most of the customer are going for the char siew.
This is the Char Siew that we ordered and it taste so very delicious. I dare say it is as good as the KL famous one at Jalan Tiong Nam. It taste so nice that I ordered a second plate.The roast chicken is just ok. Nothing so special. I do not see any roast pork left. It must have been sold out.By the time we finished at leave the place at 2pm. The Char Siew and chicken are all sold out.

I also ordered a bowl of Hakka Mee (no pic). Not bad. All in 2 plates of Char Siew, 1 plate of Chicken, 1 Hakka Mee and drinks, the bill RM22.70.

Even my son commented that the Char Siew is really good. He likes it.

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