Up Close and Personal with Dr Mahatir

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dr M has gave another interview to Malaysiakini talking on a wide ranging topics. I have read the the three part series.

The mainstream media have not given any coverage to this particular interview. That is the reason Dr. M now turn to malaysiakini to voice his views as all mainstream media did not want to report it as all are pro-government. Being the PM for 22 years who bring so much development to the country but his former friends in UMNO, BN and cabinet members have cut him off and do not even meet him now.

The government always claim that we have free press but our ex-PM views cannot even be reported by the pro-government papers. Is that press freedom?

By 2020, we shall be a developed country and yet we are moving backward. Malaysians are matured enough to judge the views of all parties. By restricting one side and only report what is good of the present government, this is not going do more harm than good.

In any case, opposition parties will definitely voice different views.

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