Chinese Metaphysics

Saturday, May 12, 2007

This morning my friend took my to a very famous Chineses Metaphysics in Klang. This sifu is blind and he do life reading by just touching and feeling your bones(in Cantonese called Mo Kuat). You can see the newspaper clippings hanging on the wall which featured him on the frontpage.

There are two types of Mo Kuat available. The fee for hand bone analysis only is RM10 and complete bone analysis is RM50.00. He only start to see clients from 11am onwards and it is a must to make appointment for complete bone analysis which take about 45mins a session.

Since I was early and without appointment, he only agreed to do hand bone analysis for me. You can see from the picture that Sifu is holding my hand and pressing the bones. After finished pressing my right hand bones, he asked for my Chinese Birthdate and Chinese Name. He will then do some calculation with his fingers. Thereafter, he start to tell me about the good and bad prediction of my career, luck, health, family etc. He even can tell whether you have any indirect luck (Pian Chai) and will give you a 4D number to buy if he see that you have the luck. We can ask him question after he has finished.
If you are interested to look for him , please find below his contact details and address.

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