Moving Office & warehouse soon

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My current tenancy agreement at Bandar Sunway expired end of Ausgust 2007. We have been here for the last few years but this place has become noisy and polluted with too many car workshops operating here. It used to be a nice place with free parking, food court nearby, quieter, food and no traffic conjestion.

We are planning to move the office to BremPark Kelana Jaya where the income tax office is located. As we are storing records management file, in our small warehouse we need to find a new warehouse to store this cargoes.

Therefore, I went down to Kapar to look at a warehouse which is very big and the owner agreed to take in our cargoes. What a relief as we have found an alternative storage location.

Below is the new warehouse that we will be shifting to:

During my visit there, I noticed a very special consignments of Harley Davidson Motorbikes which belong to a group of rich Arabs. There have brought in this bikes into Malaysia to tour the country. And it is been store here waiting to be ship back to Riyadh. This superbikes costs thousands of $$$$ which are rich man toys.

And this unit is specially ordered. Look at the rear wheel which so big. I have not seen one like this before.

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