Friday, May 11, 2007

HOLE-IN-ONE Prize - Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor worth RM 350k+Golfer ultimate dream is to score a Hole-In-One. It is just like striking a lottery. But striking lottery is pure luck.

To score a hole in one, we need some proper skills and off course LUCK. LUCK played a very important part of of life. Everyone need LUCK.

Scoring a Hole-In-One is a big achievement when you playing social golf. If you score a Hole-In-One during an Official Golf Event when the Hole-In-One Prize is a Mercedes E200 Kompressor, this is going to be ultimate lifetime achievement.

Normally, the organiser will offer only one main Grand Prize for Hole-in-One for one PAR 3 Hole. This Mercedes Benz Golf Invitational offer Mercedes Benz E200 for all four PAR 3 holes which means that you have 4 chances in one tournament. If Lady Luck is on your side, you will hit the jackpot with a Hole-In-One and drive home this RM350K+ car.

The event is to be held at Saujana today and I was having 9-holes walking golfing yesterday while the contractor start putting up the Advertisement Board.

Aiyo, I did not get invited to play and will have no chance even to try for the Hole-In-One. I will try to enter into this event the next time it is been held.

When will I hit a Hole-In-One? The nearest I get is about a feet away. I wish that I will hit one within this year.

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