Saujana GCC May Monthly ABC Medal 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

This morning I worked up at 6am as I am playing in the Saujana GCC Monthly Medal. My teeoff time was 7.54am(4th flight) On th way to the club, I picked my friend who is on the same flight with me.

It was drizzling and it get heavier when we reached the clubhouse. We collected our scorecard and bag tag and waited at the drinking hut at the teeoff area. The rain finally slowed and the sun start to rise and we only manged to teeoff at 8.30am.

Today Monthly medal mode of play is Strokeplay. The ground conditions after the rain was pretty soggy and preferred lies rules was imposed. On the second hole, my teeoff landed just outside the fairway on a patch of very soggy part. After searching for awhile, we cannot located my ball and have got to declared it lost. It must have got stuck deep into the ground. Therefore, I got to get back to teebox to teeoff again.

I am quite happy with my overall game except for 4 holes which I played quite badly due to loss of focus. I ended the day with quite a respectable score. As the final result is not out, we will not know our position.

I was damn tired and slept for 2hours after dinner to recharge my energy to watch the Chelsea Vs Arsenal Match which ended with a draw just awhile ago.

Manchester United were confirmed as League Champion with 2 matches to go.

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