Saturday, May 05, 2007

SPIDEY 3 Break 1st Day Gross Earnings Record with 200,000 viewers on May 01, 2007. That was what reported in The Star today. With such a record breaking movie, surely we cannot wait to watch this movie.

This afternoon, I happened to stop by Da Ma Cai ,Kg. Cempaka Area to buy 4Ds. On the five foot way, there was pirated DVD/VCD peddler selling the current hot movies and some XXX rated movies.

After reading about SPIDEY 3 record breaking feat, I stopped by to see whether this show is available on DVD. This young peddler straight away promote to me this particular movie claiming that it is DVD 9 and *Guaranteed Clear* if not can returned and claimed he is at this stop everyday. I hesitated as it cannot be clear after the movie just open for viewing at cinemas and asked him whether how sure he is that it it clear. This young man said guaranteed otherwise he would promote to me and if I am not happy, I can come back to return back the DVD. The price is RM10.00 for 1 DVD and RM18.00 for DVDs. He even try promote to me a movie called TAXI which he said not shown in Malaysia Cinemas.

So I thought for RM10.00, buy it-lah since I wanted to watch it badly. These days, I normally watch blockbuster movie at the big screen.

Upon reaching home, I immediately tested it on my PC. God damm it, this is a cinema recording (Probably part of the syndicate that film this on the 1st Day preview - One got caught). The recording sucks as you can see some viewers heads, cinema screen and poor video/ lousy sound quality.

I got Con by this young fella. So I am going to take it back to him to change for another DVD.

It is not the RM10.00 but watching such a blockbuster movie in such poor quality format will kill all the excitement.

I dont think I will ever buy anymore pirated copy of latest blockbuster.

See Original Buy Original. Or See it on Big Sreen.

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