Teh Tarik Malaysia @ Patong Beach, Phuket

Friday, August 17, 2007

After massage @ The Oriental Thai Massage, we walked back to our hotel and along the way we saw this signboard on a tree truck "Di sini ada Teh Tarik Malaysia". We decided to patronise it to try a cup of the Teh Tarik.

The owner is very friendly and he is a Malaysian from Kelantan. He came and talked to us and told us about his stall being featured in a local magazine. He said that the price for a cup of drink is expensive @ Baht30 (RM3) because the rental there is expensive . The stall that he is renting costs him Baht20,000 (RM2k).
I ordered Milo and my friend Teh Tarik. But we were disappointed with the taste as it taste different from the one we had back in Malaysia. He then explained that Thai Milo is different to cater for Thai taste and the Tea is also different from Malaysia(Packed for export). he brought us a bag of tea to show us.
If you really want to try while in Phuket, you should be prepared that it wont taste as good as the Malaysia Milo and original Mamak Teh Tarik. Therefore, I would suggest you bring the 3-in One Milo and Teh tarik if you still want the Malaysian type of taste.

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