Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia. Saya Anak Malaysia(SAM)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our 50th Merdeka Day is just 3 days away. This year theme is Celebration of Malaysia's 50th years of nationhood. August 31, 2007 commemorates Malaysia's 50th year of independence. This historic event is celebrated in a joyous mood by Malaysians from all walks of life over a one month period. Malaysians display their love for the country by proudly flying the Jalur Gemilang or the national flag at every premise.

Petronas has always come up with some very inspiring Ads which is so heart warming and promote unity among all the races in this country.

I am proud to be a Malaysian. Saya Anak Malaysia. Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia.Saya Anak Malaysia : Akademi Fantasia 4

I love you Malaysia. My home, My Country. Malaysia Tercinta. Even though, we still have flaws but Malaysia is a beautiful and peaceful country where the multi racial community live in harmony and progress.

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