Khai Island : Snorkelling Paradise

Friday, August 17, 2007

Khai Island is one of the most popular and charming island in Thailand located on the eastern part of Phuket, 20mins by speedboat. The crystal clear,and clear water and sandy white beach offer the best for snorkelling and swimming. You can see many fishes just by the beach and feed them with bread. If you dare venture further outside, you can see more type of fishes and corals.

This area is for public and you do not have to pay to use the beach chair. Aceone118, you can find some nude one here. try enlarge the pictures!!!

Our tourguide recommended us to the private area whereby we have to pay Baht15 for a beach chair for better security and free fruits as he will looafter our belongings.

Look. Everyone so busy playing with fishes

This is the private area that we took and great view from here.After swimming and snorkelling, you can just sit and relax and watch the beautiful beaches and happy faces all around. This is the only picture of myself.
You can watch this Youtube video of this Japanese Lenglui having so much fun at Khai Island. I took this video from the site and it is not video by me. Enjoy and be there soon. you will enjoy the fun!!!

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