The Famous SS 15 Qui Lin Pork Noodles is Back

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Qui Lin Pork Noodles is very famous in Subang Jaya and they used to be at the corner Subang Park Hotel (opposite Carrefour) but the ground floor restaurant has got to move out when the hotel owner expanded the ground floor.

For few months, I have been searching when they have relocated until I got to know a fellow blogger, Elenie from Shah Alam who told me that it is now located a few blocks away from Secret Recipe, SS 15.

This morning I purposely go to look for this hop and have a bowl of their Pork Noodles Soup which I have been craving for. But parking is a problem at the new place as I have to make 2 rounds in order to get a parking lot which is 100meters away.

The good thing is that I do not have to wait so long as compared to the last time as not many people know that they have moved here. I waited for less than 5 mins as compared to at least 20mins at the old place.

It is very easy to locate, look for Pomander Restaurant. (Next to Kwai Sun). According to the owner, they start operating from here a month ago. The ladyboss use to help out is no more there and her sister is now there.This is their famous pork noodles which taste so yummy. What a nice breakfast this am.?
I finished off everything. Must be good or I am too hungry?

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