Never loose your Malaysian Passport

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Malaysian Passport is in high demand and worth RM30-40K in the blackmarket. If you are careless + badluck (in my friend case) as his passport was stolen from his car in Klang.

It is going to be frustrating and time wasting for you get a new Passport or an Emergency Certificate(if you are required to travel on business trip only).

From the experience that my friend has gone through after losing his passport is not one that you want to get into. It took him 4 long days to get an Emergency Certificate to travel with me to Phuket this Friday.

Day 1, he has to make Police Report and interogated by a special investigation team on why and how you lost the passport.

Day 2, he has to go to the Immigration at Pusat Bandar Damansara but was told that he should go back to the office that issued his passport which is Shah Alam. Running around he can only see the Immigration Director the next day.

Day3, he went to Terminal 3 immigration office early morning to see whether it is possible to get the emergency certificate there but no. He was told to go to the Shah Alam office. He then proceed to Shah Alam and has to gone through another round of interogation by a special immigration team just like the Police. And he finnaly got to see the Director who is the only one who can sign the approval to issue and Emergency Certificate. He asked my friend whether he is on Business trip and offcourse he answered yes inorder to obtain the Emergency Certificate. He was issued this document which is valid for only 1 year and travel between Malaysia and Thailand only.It will take a month for investigations before the immigration will issued you a new Passport.

Day 4, Since this is only an Emergency Ordinance, a visa is required for travel to any country eventhough it is Thailand. I went with him to the Thai Embassy at Jalan Ampang to apply for the Visa. The queue was long and we got No. 60 and it only reached No. 20. Another long wait, it took a long 2 hour to reach his turn to submit his application. He can only collect the Visa the next day between 11.00am-12.30pm. The Thai embassy service is really poor and the visa fee : RM110.00 As you can see, it is going to to be a big headache should you loose your passport.

What a relief for my friend, he can finally travel to Phuket this Friday.

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