Restaurant Ang Kee @ SS2, PJ

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It has been quite awhile that I have not been to this nice family run restaurant. The owner can recommend you a lot our dishes which are their house specialities.

Yesterday, we had a gathering of old friends and they suggested this restaurant and I left it one of them who frequent this place to make the orders.

First to arrive is the mixed vegetables.
Next...Dried Fried Lala. This is really nice and the 1st time I eat Lala in this cooking style. Normally, we will go for Siong Thong Lala. (Soup).
Next...The Sauce King Chicken (See Yau Wong Kai), the is best dish of the night. Delicious.
Next...Another new dish to me. Hakka Steam Fish. Ahhhhhh....not so nice, very dry. I still prefer Teow Chew Steam Fish.

Last...the Guinness Stout Pork Ribs. Very nice. Look one piece gone before I could snap a pic.
The only bad thing about this place is that they do not serve dessert or fruits. So, if you are someone who must have dessert, you will be disappointed.

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