Crime Rates in Klang/KL have gone from bad to worse

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Monday morning, my friend (Supplier) went for a short tea break at one of the Mamak Restaurant along Berkley Garden, Klang . In just short 30minutes, his car side windscreen was smashed and his briefcase containing passport and some important documents was stolen.

The restaurant was located along a busy road and the thiefs are so daring that they broke the windscreen with so many passing motorists and broad daylight.

He reported to Police. For loss of passport, he was interrogated why he kept the passport in the car. We have booked to go to Phuket next weekend and this got to happen. Sheer bad luck as he is normally a very careful person but his car boot is full and it was drizzling and he thought for a short while it is OK.

He is now trying to get a temporary passport to travel with me. And my booking with Air Asia do not allowed change of flight but can transfer to another person with a service charge of RM150.00.
(Just got Good news from him from Shah Alam Immigration office that he managed to get a temporary passport to travel overseas.)

Some 2-3 months ago, my friend (a GE Insurance Agent) lost her notebook at Great Eastern Building, Jalan Ampang. She also kept it at the car boot also for a short while just to get into the office to get some documents.

All this are syndicated jobs and they know where to target their victims as most insurance agent will carry a notebook.

Be careful where you keep you valuables (especially notebook/Handbags/Briefcase) inside the car while your park your car. The best is to bring it along with you. Better Safe than Regret Later.

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