Mission Office Move Accomplished.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last 1-2 months, we have been busy planning for our office move. Moving office is messy job to do especially the packing, unstuffing and the breaking down of the fittings before handling back to landlord. I am happy that its coming to an end on August 15, 2007 when we hand back the premise and leave this place for good after being at this place for past 4 years. This place(Bandar Sunway) is now full of noise and air pollution due to the increasing number of workshops and we decided to move to an office block at Kenala Jaya.

Our warehouse prior to the move.
When the move is on, all things are in a mess and you do not want to be there as it is hot and stuffy.

Our moving contractors loading our stuffs to the new office.We are moving to a better place at Kelana Jaya Brem Tower and hope this place will bring us continuous prosperity and happiness.

Posh Main Entrance
Guest And Season Parking Entry
Covered Parking Lots
New office

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