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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Both Nesh and Babyfiona asking for pictures pictures of Phuket. Pictures tell a Thousand Words. I am still very busy with some jobs and did not have much time to write posts. Therefore I am going to post some nice pictures that I took during the trips for all to see first,

Below are some of the beautiful scenery of Phuket:

This one from Phuket Hill, a view of the Phuket Town. My digicam not so good for night picture.
On the 2nd day, we booked a trip to three beautiful islands (Phi Phi, Maya Bay and Khai Island. The trip costs Bhat1800/pax inclusive of lunch.
Royal Phuket Marina where we board the three engines speed boad.
Our 1st stop, we landed at Phi Phi Island.

Crystal clear water.

Monkey Bay, the location where the film "Beach" was filmed.
The place we stopped for lunch which was badly damaged by tsunami. 21 bungalows along this beach were wiped out.
More to come. I am sleepy now.

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