My Aircraft Collections

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hot Mama, Janice and Sweet Marzie had a big collection of perfumes. And for Janice, she not only collect perfumes but Cokes and many others.

My collections are aircraft and trucks model. My chidlhood dream is to be a Pilot but I cannot qualify. So collect truck too, truck driver is more achievable. Coke, I only got 1 bottle.

Below are my collection of aircrafts of all the major airlines of the world. If you want a charter flight, let me know, I only charge a small fee.

This is the biggest one that I had. A MasKargo 747-400 Freighter.!!! This one only for cargoes only.I still have some more which I have not display. I believe not many people collect aircraft models like me. :)

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