Fly Kite & Durian

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Sunday 19th August, 2007, Saujana GCC organised a Kite Flying and Durian Fair for its members on 1st come 1st basis and it is FREE (Eat all you can).

Hot mama, Janice recently took her two cute sons for kite flying and this time my turn to bring my family to fly kite.

The durians and rambutan are Free but the kite you got buy . It costs between RM12- RM150.00 . I bough one small firbreglass frame type @ RM25.00.This durains orginate from Raub, Pahang and Saujana ordered a truckload of this thorny fruits consisting of all the durian species like D2, D88, D24, Tawah and many more.

Some nyonya kueh, orange juice and teh tarik were also served.

My son flying the kite.

The club members and their families watching the kite flying while waiting for the durians .
Some tips on how to fly kite if you have not fly one before.This Kite design by Kisa not "Kiasu" costs RM150.00. The wind span is 64inches.
The durians are all of good quality and we all have a great time there eating till we cant move. Luckily, there got van and buggy to fetched us back to the clubhouse.

So good that we left nothing behind.

Thank you to Saujana Golf and Country Club. We look forward to have it next year.

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