Unique Taste of Sg Lembing

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Foods at Sg Lembing are generally inexpensive compared to Kuantan standard. The foods here are mainly homemade, cook fresh daily without the used of preservatives or food seasonings.

Have you ever tried Ketchup noodles which is famous here.? This Restaurant Hoover served this speciality and many other nice dishes. I have not find other place that serve this unique style of cooking noodles with ketchup. Try it and you will love it. I will not fail to stop by this shop whenever I return home.

Another dish you should try is the Taufoo Noodles Mee. Taufoo in Sg Lembing is of different class, it is very smooth. You order it with homemade noodles and others Yong Tau Foods stuffs, you will surely be satisfied and ask for more.

The stalls are currently housed at the Cantonese Association as the old food court has been demolished and a new one is currently been built.
Look at the Yong Tau Foo Varieties. Super Fresh.............

This is the Tau Foo stuffed with meat that is so smooth and delicous.And Curry Mee is also availableThumb Up!

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