Kiss and Ride Sign Pt II

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I posted 2 weeks ago about this sign which can be found in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, EU and recently Taiwan.

Many train stations and airports with good road connections include a separate area where cars can discharge passengers in the morning and pick them up in the evening, allowing the driver, often a spouse and possibly after a kiss (hence the name), to quickly return to the highway. Taiwan's high-speed railway has signs outside stations reading Kiss and Ride in English, with Chinese characters above the words that read "temporary pick up and drop off zone". Most people in Taiwan have no idea what the colloquialism means

So soon after I posted about it, Malaysia is next to follow as per news report in the NST on 28 Fenruary, 2007, KL City Hall to launched "Kiss and Ride" campaign.

  • 「kiss and ride」是什麼?不只高中英文教師不知道,連住在美國的台灣人及美籍家都說沒看過,但台灣高鐵各車站的旅客臨時停車接送區都可看到這樣的英文標示。
  • What is "kiss and ride"? It's not just high school English teachers that don't know. A Taiwanese person living in the USA and an American writer both say they have never seen it before. However, you can see these signs in the pick up and drop off areas at Taiwan's high speed rail stations.

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