Together Gather Blogger Party 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Definitely I will not be the 1st one to blog about the Together Blogger Party (5xmom was blogging LIVE from Skyroom) and I believe I am not the last though. It is better late than never.

I just started blogging 3 months ago just for the fun and to learn about blogging. From Day 1 that I started blogging, my son is very much involved and helping me. While reading those blogsites that I read frequently, I got to know about this event. I decided to join to meet up with the famous & influential blogger in the blogsphere. I requested for 3 tickets but the committee only managed to allocate me one.

It was on Friday nite and the traffic was very bad and I believe many arrived late. I started my journey from SJ and it took me almost 1.5hours to reach the venue. Anyway, I still made it there @ 7.00pm. Dinner was only served past 8pm after all have arrived.

Look ! How bad is the jam leading to Federal Hotel. It is just not moving.

It was a fun and exiting evening. I met up with Wingz (The Organiser), Shireen (the Ladyboss) Boss Stewie, Ming, 5xmon, Cocka, AhPek, King's Wife, Angel, GolfNick, Aceone, Minishorts, CutiePie, ZeroImpact, KennyNg, Kenny Lee, Yvonne and many others. They are still many that I did get to meet during the party.

The Organising Committee did a Great Job and make it a successful and memorable event. Kudos to you Guys and Gals. The food, door gift, games, prizes were good. The best part is that Blogger are such a bunch of fantastic, funny, friendly & va-va-voom peoples. Every moments someone will start to crack jokes and make funs.

Thanks to all the sponsors too for their support.

I did not camwhore much and therefore no pics to publish but they are many pictures of the event @ other blogger site who were there.

I just only have this one with Yvonne Foong. She is blogger, writer, student and a patient with Neurofibromatosis (an incurable disease). I bought a copy of her book titled "I'm not Sick, Just a Bit Unwell" and she gladly autographed for me. I was not aware that she cannot hear until she asked me to write on a piece of whiteboard.

I have finished reading her book. It was an inspiring book where she write how she overcome so many obstacles and her determination, courage and positive thinking to live a normal life after she was diagnosed with this disease. Many would have give up but her.

I left at 10pm before the event ends and missed this group photo. Till we meet again.

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